Ba Ji Quan (fist),八极拳

Baji Quan "Ba" means "Eight" when translated it to English, and "Ji" means polarity or direction. In simple terms the name of Ba Ji reflects its force reaching to all directions. Also another theory is that Ba Ji uses the head, shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, back and foot to attack, which are the "Ba Ji" of our human bodies.

The origins of Ba Ji Quan are obscure and can not be tracked exactly. Many documents and information about the Ba Ji style of martial arts were lost during the civil war or during periods when the practice of martial arts was forbidden. Their are several styles of Ba Ji Quan today as well as weapon forms which include sword, saber, staff, spear and others.

Ba Ji fist is known because it is useful for close combat. The Ba Ji movements are simple, fast and right to the point. Many moves are done with a powerful stamping step to deliver the force.

Baji Quan Our class now offers the Wu Style Ba Ji Small Frame First Routine (吴氏八极拳小架,一路). We play this form for a better understanding of the relationship between our Tai Chi practice and the fast moving martial arts. This also provides more exercise for your body. Since this short form has both fast and slow moving rhythms, you can easily control the speed and how many times you would like to repeat play depending on your body/health condition. Also Ba Ji is a very aggressive close combat/self defense martial arts style.